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How can I set up a report to record entries per month for the whole year

Hi, I have a spreadsheet that works well but Ihave to set it up for each year by changing the formula from 2017 to 2018.

This is the sample of the formula I am using for my 2017 Rport:

I am using my date column (B) to count how many times something is recorded for each month and I have used rows 7 to 502 as I don't expect to have more than 502 entries for the year.

=COUNTIFS('2017 Register'!$B$7:$B$502,">31 Dec 2016",'2017 Register'!$B$7:$B$502,"<01 Feb 2017")
=COUNTIFS('2017 Register'!$B$7:$B$502,">31 Jan 2017",'2017 Register'!$B$7:$B$502,"<01 Mar 2017")
Up until Dec where I use;
=COUNTIFS('2017 Register'!$B$7:$B$502,">30 Nov 2017",'2017 Register'!$B$7:$B$502,"<01 Jan 2018")

I don't want ot have to do this for each year, I would rather use a drop down menu / box that I can choose the year from and the formula references the year chosen in this cell.

I have attached the spreadsheet that I currently use that does work but I would love something less time consuming.

Thanks in advance. Dot
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