Crystal Report Viewer "Print" button only shows Microsoft XPS Document Writer

I'm running a Crystal Report to the screen. On the viewer is a Print icon.

Print icon
But when I click it all I see is the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, it doesn't give me access to any of the other printers available.

print dialog
I'm running Windows Server 2008 R2, but is an issue reported by a customer, I just happen to be able to replicate it on a VM I have built.

I can see that it is defaulting to the system printer:

printers on server
 so if I change the System Printer to "One Note" for example:

change system printer
Then it prompts with that, but ideally I would like it to just allow them to select any printer.

change print dialog
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What version of Crystal are you using?

There are registry settings but none for this as far as I know.

Can you change the application?
I believe there is a setting for the viewer to display the printer setup icon.
You only have the PRINT icon which will print to the default printer.

The PRINT SETUP with the NO PRINTER option is in the Crystal Designer under PRINT SETUP or PAGE SETUP

How are they running the reports?

Crystal uses the default printer driver for the machine it is running on.  You can select any printer through the printer setup.

If you want them to select the printer you can set the reports to NO PRINTER in the PAGE SETUP.

When you say any printer, Crystal can only use printers available on the machine it is running from.

purplesoupAuthor Commented:
It looks like it is printing through PEOutputToWindow.

I can't see how You can set NO PRINTER in PAGE SETUP it seems to always want a printer to be specified.

And Yes - I mean I want the user to be able to select any of the three printers shown on the screens, not any printer anywhere.
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Sounds like a third-party application.  Was it written by your company or is there an outside developer?

I believe they have to supply a printer selection screen or perhaps there is a flag on the PEOutputtoWindow call that can be set to make them available.

purplesoupAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay - It is just running Crystal through the OCX controls - the dialogs all look pretty standard.

Can you explain what you mean by this?

If you want them to select the printer you can set the reports to NO PRINTER in the PAGE SETUP.

I'm not really a Crystal expert - are there Crystal settings hidden somewhere like in the registry?
purplesoupAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help
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