Calendar sharing retrict Iphone user

Hello Team,

Need to know, if this is normal behaviour in Office365 or is there any setting

issue is : abc is the person who having Calendar delegation on his boss calendar, everything is fine with outlook as he able to see the calendar of his boss

But same thing is happening in Iphone, he able to see his calendar enteries and his boss also, We need to to restrict his boss calendar entries on his iphone, we want he able to see his calendar enteries only

Please suggest if there is any way on iphone setting or anything on O365 ?

Addy NadiaExpertAsked:
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Calendar app has to option to select what you want to see and don't want to see, just de-select his boss'  Calendar in the app.
This has nothing to do with Office 365 security and such. It's a default Calendar feature to be able to select what Calendars you want to see.
Open the Calendar app, tap on Calendars at the bottom, now just select and deselect to your heart's content.
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Not sure I understand the issue/question here. If he has the required permissions, he should be able to see both calendars in the mobile device too. They recently released some improvements, making shared calendars available on mobiles. Is this the thing you want to prevent? If so, you need to remove the permissions and share the calendar again from withing the desktop app or any other app that's not yet updated with the new code, and make sure the delegate does not "accept" the invitation via OWA or the mobile device.

If you want to hide certain events, the boss can set the "private" flag, which should be respected on both desktop and mobile Outlook.
Seems you want to have a user have access to something as well as NOT having access to the same thing. That logic is quite weird for everyone to understand. So yes, seeing what you have access to on Outlook Desktop AND on iPhone is definitely normal behavior.
It's quite difficult to program something like this, as it doesn't even pass common sense. Why do you suddenly want the same user to NOT be able to see the calendar he has access to on his Outlook anyway?
Addy NadiaExpertAuthor Commented:
he has editor rights on his boss calendar, so he able to see enteries on Desktop outlook, which is fine

But he dont want to see calendar entries of his boss on ipphone,

is there any suggested article for the same ? or any reference article that we can prevent this
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