how to handle - import-csv results

Dear experts
I have this command $Items = Import-Csv -path "$CsvFile" -Encoding UTF8 –delimiter ";"

This work pretty well so I can access the collection by having the fieldnames etc.... ($Items.<fieldname> is OK)

BUT how to have a global view ? How to know for $Items, the number of elements?

François VDCIcT service DeskAsked:
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François VDCIcT service DeskAuthor Commented:
$items.count return nothing.

 write-host $items
@{IDENTIFIANT=900000003; TITLE_CODE=; TITLE_NAME=; CONTRAT_NB=900000003; NAME=AO; FIRSTNAME=Stagiaire; SEXE=; NATIONAL_ID=; STREET=; STREET_NR=; STREET_BOX=; CITYCODE=; CITY NAME=; COUNTRY NAME=; PHONE_PROF=; GSM_PROF=;; BIRTHDATE=; NATIONALITY NAME=; LANG=; WORKERLANG NAME=; TRY_DATE=; ENTRY_DATE=20171130; OUT_DATE=; CONTRAT_TYPE=; CONTRAT_TYPE_NAME=; FTE=; FUNCTION=Stagiaire; AGE=; CODE_DEPARTEMENT=; DEPARTEMENT=; IDENTIFIANT_RESPONSABLE=; LOGIN_RESPONSABLE=sgoossens; RESPONSABLE=; LOGIN=stao; CODE_EMPLOYEUR=51300; CODE_SITE=AO; SITE=; EmployeeName=Stagiaire AO; SignaletiqueInsert=20171130; SignaletiqueUpdate=; AddressInsert=; AddressUpdate=; AffectationInsert=; AffectationUpdate=; ContractInsert=; ContractUpdate=; GAP=; Matchbox=; SMILE=; Intranet=; Desktop=; Laptop=; Carte_De_visite=; telephone=; GSM=; Smartphone=; Signal=; VPN=; clee_jobcenter=; ProxBudget=; Analytique1Code=; Analytique2Code=; IN=TRUE; OUT=}

write-host $items.count

return nothing
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
And of course you can just dump everything with $items | format-table -auto or $items | format-list, to see what is in the collection.
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
That is a single object, no collection. @($Items).Count works though. It forces the content to be an array, and that array always has a Count member.
François VDCIcT service DeskAuthor Commented:
yes indeed Qlemo, but I want to have the number of items on this collection/hashtable what is this object.
François VDCIcT service DeskAuthor Commented:
@($Items).Count report 1 not the count of all elements....
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
That is a different beast. You want to know the number of (custom) properties of that custom object ...
A hashtable would allow for counting, e.g. @{a=1;b=2}.Count.
François VDCIcT service DeskAuthor Commented:
Ok. I'm still lost....
how may I know the number of custom properties that has a custom object? (from the import-csv cmdlet) Purpose is dataquality check (see if I have the number of col that I expect)
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Here you go: @($items.PsObject.Properties).count
The hidden PsObject property allows for direct access to the underlaying object structure.

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François VDCIcT service DeskAuthor Commented:
Your'e brillant !
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