Office 365 - "Due to organizational policies, you can't access these resources" error

A user here in my office can access Sharepoint files online, in her browser, but when she clicks "Open in Excel" on her computer she receive the the following error:  "Due to organizational policies, you can't access these resources."
I've cleared cookies and signed-out/signed-in to the proper O365 account, but no luck.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions regarding this matter.  We are a small company and need help quickly.
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RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
drose10Author Commented:
Thank you for such a fast response.  I've checked the Device Access, Control access by network location . . . in the SharePoint admin portal, and there are no restrictive entries.  It appear that only one user in our office is having this error message.
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
This sounds like either a permission setting or access setting found under advance library settings. Take a look there maybe...

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drose10Author Commented:
The user logged onto another computer on our office domain and O365 worked perfectly.  Is there a setting on her client computer that we could check?
Jeroen HeymansCommented:

We have the same problem with 2 of our users (team of about 50).
Started 2 days ago.

All settings appear to be correct :s

If I click OK in Office, it gives me the change to login (again)
Then I get the error "AADSTS165000: Invalid Request: The request tokens do not match the user context.... Reasons:[Token is invalid]"
drose10Author Commented:
We called MS Support and had Help login to the affected computer.  The tech lady elevated some settings in the Exchange online console, deleted some credentials on the local machine in Control Panel, Credential Manager, and even performed a soft re-install of the O365 software through Control Panel, Programs, but with no luck.

We tried another domain user's computer here in the office, with the affected user logging into O365 with her password.  Everything worked properly, with her files opening properly in Excel on the local machine.

The tech concluded that the user profile is corrupted on only the local machine of the affected O365 user.  The tech recommended we delete that profile and recreate it.

Thank you all for your help!
Walter CurtisSharePoint AEDCommented:
Jeroen HeymansCommented:
Had nothing todo with permissions at our site
We solved it by:

-  Logging out of everything (office, office online)
- Clearing cashes of internet explorer (most importantly cookies)
- Delete all credentials that had to do with Microsoft from the credential store (even the exchange settings, everything with MSO or something like that deleted)
- Rebooted
- Logged in to SharePoint Online in IE -> checked "remember me"
- Started an office application and logged in (not sure if it asked actually :s)
- Opened a office document from SharePoint on pc logged in again -> fail
- entered credentials again and waited a minute or so
-> success

Did almost the same the day before, except the reboot and I also didn't clear the credential store  that well.
drose10Author Commented:
What are credentials?  Where do I access them?

Thank you for that useful information, Jeroen Heymans.  I solved my problem by creating a fresh user account in Windows (and deleting the origninal one).  My solution probably accomplished the same things that you did manually.
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