I need a script that will report the Dumpster size of our exchange 2010 users

I have had a couple issues lately where end user's email worked fine but when someone sent them a calendar invite they could except it and it seemed ok, but a meeting change or cancelation would not go through and the sending user would get a bounce back that the mailbox was full. I questioned the Exchange people on here and after a little research it turned out the be the dumpster on the two users was full. I expanded the respective dumpsters and everything fell back into place. Now, I am wondering how many other users are approaching similar issues. Is there a script I could write that would report everyone's dumpster size along with how much space they have been allocated? Maybe something I could run on a regular basis to monitor for this usual issue. All help is welcome. I was thinking powershell, but I am open to all ideas.
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Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited -Filter {RecipientTypeDetails -eq "UserMailbox"} | Format-List Name,RecoverableItems*,LitigationHoldEnabled,InPlaceHolds

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As here:
Thor2923Author Commented:
NICE! now is there a command I can add to the end to print all this data out to a .txt or excel document? it is going to be difficult trying to read though all this
try appending to the end of the command.
| Out-File -filepath C:\temp\results.txt

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