DMZ configuration on ASA 5505

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I have an outside vendor that needs to communicate to their equipment on our inside network. I would like to set up a DMZ for that access. I have 5 public IP addresses to use. The ASA i want to set up is strictly for this use and no other. I have four devices on the inside that will have static IPs which will require certain ports to be opened. This is what they require. I do not have a config to post as of yet. I am trying to configure one.

Four static private IPs
External port forwarded to internals
  Port 90 Open - 1st internal IP
  Port 91 Open  - 2nd internal IP
  Port 2048 Open - 2nd internal IP
  Port 92 Open - 3rd internal IP
  Port forward 2049 to 2048
  Port 93 Open - 4th internal IP
  Port forward 2050 to 2048

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Which ASA version are you using?

your vendor's equipment can't be in your insde network if you wanna put it in dmz. unless it has 2 network card but there would be almost no point in doing a DMZ then.
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I am using version 9.1(6) and no it not on my inside network. I want to isolate the vendor equipment from my inside network.
what license do you have? is it an ASA5505 ? or newer? sec-plus license?
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It is an ASA5505 with a basic license. 10 user.

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