Dell Server POST msg "‘some configured disks are missing’"

Dell PowerEdge T710 (purchased 2010)
MS SBS 2008 SP2

We needed to re-start the server (some Windows updates and other bits and pieces)

On POST came up with "‘some configured disks are missing" Press a key to continue.

Our client did that and machine started fine.

I've looked a the Dell support pages but what we need to know is whether this is likely to recur whenever the server is started? (We don't want to re-start the server to find out if poss as we only have remote access and don;t want to disrupt our users if we can avoid it.

See this:

There had been no changes to the configuration of the machine.

All advice welcomed.
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CESNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I suggest installing Open Manage Server Administrator on the server so you can get in a look at the health of the drives to ensure none are failed/predicted failure.  You can also get an overview of the RAID array(s).

I am fairly certain installation does not require a reboot so users shouldn't notice anything.

You can download OMSA from the Dell support site after entering your support tag.
gerlisAuthor Commented:
The server did have an old version of Dell Open Manage, but it didn't report any errors. We have now re-started the server successfully. Must have been a spurious on-off error?

My thanks to CES anyway.
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