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restore a sql database from .bak file but don't have permissions

The db users/logins were deleted from a db living on a SQL AWS RDS instance, so I can no longer access this db.  I wanted to restore this db from a .bak file which would bring back the users/logins.  I can't restore because I lack permissions.

I have admin access to the RDS instance, i need to create a login on a specific db so I can perform functions.
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Why dont we create logins which are not there as restore is not possible.
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I can create logins, but that specific db is not listed so I cant grant permissions against that db.  I am using SSMS, and the login I use did have admin permissions to that db, but the login got deleted.
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Do you have the exact error or a screenshot of the error that you are getting trying to do the restore?

Is your Instance in mixed mode?
when I try to restore from a file (.bak) I get the following


when i try to restore from database i get the following

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its fine if I cant restore from .bak file but do you know how to, at the very least add a login to this db?
Not really... In SQL Server parlance, You add logins to access the server, you add users to access the DB. I am pretty sure AWS / RDS has its own procedures. It has been ages since I played with RDS.

Read up on RDS at : goto security...
AWS Documentation » Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) » User Guide » Security in Amazon RDS » Authentication and Access Control for Amazon RDS