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Trying to push out a piece of software using Patch Manger via WSUS and it gets installed on a few, but not most. I also tried to have the software install via Windows Update and it also fails. The install error it gives me is as follows:

Exception Details:
Install failed. Fatal error during installation HRESULT: 0x80070643.

If i go on the client and go to the UpdateServicesPackages folder on my wsus server, and install from there, it works just fine. If i go to the SoftwareDistribution folder on the client, and try to install it, it errors out. After looking into the issue more, i have found out the issue lies when it downloads the files from wsus to the client. It doesn't download the entire contents of three .cab files, and it cannot figure out why. On the wsus server the file sizes of those three files are the following: = 62,127KB = 121,895KB = 181,168KB

these three file size replicate the original files from our software file server. However when WSUS downloads the files to the client, the file sizes don't match up = 62,119KB = 111,449KB = 181,158KB

And this software needs to be installed on 100+ machines, so going to each one is not practical. I can't figure out why it got installed on a few, but not all of them. And it's happening in multiple labs, where it might get installed on a few and then the rest it won't install.

I have been working on this for a few weeks, so any help would be much appreciated.
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jwcchelpdeskAuthor Commented:
After re-publishing the package and making sure the time\date stamps were correct, it was still giving me error. So, i decided to try a older version of the program (the one i was trying was 11.5.6, and the older one was 11.5.4). And to my surprise, it worked on a couple of the test machines, so i pushed it out to a lab that needed it and it work. Don't know why the older version worked, but the new one did not. both were setup the exact same way. At some point will need to do a compare of each setting on both packages, but for now it's working and it's currently installed on over 300+ machines.
Vadim RappCommented:
Yes, these 3 cab files are different, not only by size but also by the date. Which probably means that they are coming from some other place, and you need to find out where from. Maybe these clients download directly from Microsoft rather than from your WSUS. Maybe from WSUS but different package.
jwcchelpdeskAuthor Commented:
First of all, thank you for catching the date\time difference. I expired and deleted, the package, and republished it to WSUS so all of the files now have the same date\time stamp.

I am pushing that particular package out to just one client for testing, and it's still giving the same error as well as not downloading the entire file contents for those few files.
Vadim RappCommented:
I would run the trace by procmon in order to find out where they are download from.

If it really fails to fully download cab file, then if you try to open it, you should see a message that the file is corrupted. Try it out. I don't think it's corrupted, given different timestamp. Partially downloaded file still wouldn't change creation date by two years.
jwcchelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Ended up pushing out a older version of the program, which can be updated to the one i was trying to install. Don't know why the older version worked, but it did.
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