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Job Title Suggestion?

Dustin Saunders
Dustin Saunders asked
I'm trying to find the most accurate job description to describe a job but would like a little feedback.

The job position has traditionally been called 'Cloud Solution Architect' but I think that Solution Architect is more traditionally a sales or sales engineering based role.  This one would be more of an 'Engineer in charge of design and set up of a customer environment' which would include designing and creating an environment of web servers, database servers, file servers, and RDS server engineering to make applications compatible with terminal services and how users will be accessing.

I think 'Solution Engineer' may be more apt, or 'Infrastructure Designer'?  Not looking for an artisian name, just something that accurately describes what the job entails without brining in recruiters or resumes that are sales based as this is more of a Virtualization/Windows Admin position.
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Maybe Cloud Architect.
Ryan ChongSoftware Team Lead
or perhaps

Business Systems Analyst
Dustin SaundersCo-Founder and Chief Architect
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Thanks guys for all the suggestions, I think I'm going to go with Cloud Architect.

@Ryan - ha, I feel like 40% of my friends now have that title.  I always loved in The Onion how they have a Systems Analyst in the opinion breakout every week.