How to stop Active Directory syncing to outlook contacts

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We have a user who syncs their contacts from Outlook 2016 to their iPhone.

Outlook is pulling all users contact information from Active Directory to populate Outlook contacts.

When someone or work calls this person the caller ID on the iPhone say it could be "work or 5 others"

Does anyone know of a fix for this to where it shows only the number of the actual person calling?
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CESNetwork Administrator
Is the account Exchange or some other service?  And how do they sync from Outlook (USB cable, or does the phone sync with the server like Outlook does)?
It is exchange.

they sync using the exchange mail box under the phone settings > mail
IT Director
This is kind of by design. It would imply that you have Multiple Contacts/Users in Exchange that all have the same phone number for them. This happens to us swell if someone is calling from the Main number. Typically it chooses the first Alphabetical person in the list.

This happens with my wife and Kids too without exchange as they all have the same Home Phone. If they call from the Cell Phone I get the proper person. if they call from the home phone I get my Son as he is Alphabetically Higher in the Contact list.  

This happens when I pair my phone to the Car and it downloads the contacts in my Phone. If someone from the Office Calls, its always Albert, if it is a call from home its my Son.

You can remove the Duplicate numbers from Exchange and only have it show the Direct Line for the User, then could Create a Contact that has the Main Number thats shared.
Scott TownsendIT Director

I Too Experience this situation and it is because contacts share the same phone number.

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