Windows 10 hard reset produce NDIS.SYS error code 0xc0000221 - BSOD - doesn’t reboot

2012 Dell Inspiron 660 desktop
Windows 10 OS
Intel i-5 3300
8 Mg Ram
1 T hard disk

Unfortunately, i never produced a recover CD ..  

Attempted both a reset with data and then a windows 10 hard reset DELETE all data - message stated some personal files not deleted, try again, but then went to Blue screen with the above message .. after couple of hard power button cycles, still remains there..  

Advice appreciated..
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CESNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Errors with NDIS.SYS indicate a corruption with the Windows OS.  Can you use another computer to burn a repair disc (obtainable from Dell's support site)
Do you have a current data backup and are you willing to reinstall windows?
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
CES:  I have a backup windows 10 machine. .can you provide the link to access creating a repair CD from Dell? Thx
McKnife: i had no local data stored on the subject PC - data is stored in dropbox and unlinked prior to hard reset attempt..

P.s. i realize that i can’t simply make a repair CD from my other windows 10 pc..
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Simply use this tool from any pc to create a windows setup usb drive and reinstall.
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Downloaded and getting an error attempting to install the Windows 10 installation media:

Error code: 0x80072F76. 0x20017

Pls advise...
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Looks like i should update to the Fall Creators update to eliminate that issue as the hindrance for the repair disk..
Describe what you did. Create a usb install stick, boot from it and install clean.
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Downloaded the medial installer file from MS as stated.  upon the install process, it stopped and issued this error above.  never got to a point of creating an install stick or drive or disk..
Ok, use a different way. Get the iso from here: and use the so called usb download tool to create the bootable usb stick from it. That download (16299) needs you signed up fir the insider program.

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RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
It may also be a Bad Hard Disk or a faulty RAM modul. if you had the same error during the installing using McKnife's last link then try below steps:

Use your Windows Installation media and boot the PC from it.
During the boot process to initiate the Windows 10 install media. Proceed through the screens until you get to the part where it says "Install Now"; on that same screen there will be an option to "Repair your computer"; click that link. This will take you the Windows 10  System Recovery Options >> Troubleshoot >> Advanced Options>> Startup Options >> Command Prompt.
that will take you to the Command Prompt.
Hit enter.
let us know the result.

Note: it may take some hours to check your Hard Disk for errors.
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Ramin - i never made an original Windows Installation disk .. i'm looking to create a recovery disk (USB stick) and then apply it to my Blue Screen Windows 10 from my backup windows 10 machine.. thx
Jessica KCommented:

Try the following methods:

Method 1: Boot your system with Windows Installation Media:
1. Start your system from the installation media.
2. Now, Insert the DVD or the USB flash drive and then, restart the system.
 You will get a message i.e. “Press any key to boot from DVD,” do so.
3. After getting the Install Windows page, click on Repair your computer to start the Windows Recovery Mode.
4. In the Windows Recovery Environment >> Click on Troubleshoot by selecting an option screen.
5. Click on Advanced Options >> Click on Startup Settings.
7. Click on Restart and choose safe mode with Networking or Low resolution.
8. Then try to update the drivers.

If the issue still persists, refer to the below method.

Method 2: Boot the Computer with the Windows Installation Media:
1. Start the system >> Insert a DVD or a USB flash drive.
2. Now, restart your computer.
Press a key after getting a message “Press any key to boot from DVD”.
3. From the Install Windows page >> Click on Repair your computer to start Windows Recovery Mode.
4. In the Windows Recovery Environment, on the Choose an option screen >> Click on Troubleshoot.
5. Click on Advanced Options.
6. Then on click on Startup Repair.

Also, go through this informative article of Microsoft:

These will surely help you to resolve the issue.

cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Understood.. but right now, I'm not able to download either the window media creation file, upgrade to W10 Fall Creators update etc.  currently attempting to download the ISO file itself from the windows website.. even trying to download the W10 Insider Preview ISO build 16299..   getting fails on full download attempts ..
Side note: 16299 is no insider build but the final version, just on a website that suggests differently.
you can also post the dmp file here, to get more info on the problem
find it in windows\minidumps
you can access it by hooking the didk to a working PC as 2nd drive, or booting from a live cd, like Knoppix :      
maybe you can use the windows  version also (i never tried it)
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
whew - finally was able to download the ISO file and convert it to a boot disk on my usb.  connected to BlueScreen machine and booted from USB.  Do i repair install or install new windows 10 clean?  if clean, should i format the Drive 0 - Partition 5: OS since it seems that's where the original OS version was installed?   I would just rather do a full clean install given concerns about OS corruption..

attached is the screenshot of my fork in the road:
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Per prior comment, i am holding on previous screen awaiting advice as to new install or "repair your computer"  .. i have no need to save the data on the computer as i have backed it all up.. given the potential file corruption issues associated with my old profile, i'm happy to do a clean install..

RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Do i repair install or install new windows 10 clean?
I would do a clean install to make sure if everything is fine. but make sure you have a backup of your data files.

if clean, should i format the Drive 0 - Partition 5

If you don't need your data files in Windows old then format it.
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Ramin - thanks for the quick turnaround.  i will first format Partition 5 (it has the largest amount of disk space).. i presume the rest is self-explanatory on the install.. will report shortly
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Getting an error message after i formatted Partition 5 = Windows can't be installed on drive 0 partition 5 (Show Details)

"Windows cannot be installed to this disk.  The selected disk is of the GPT partition style"

any advice?  thx
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Try to format Disk 0 - Partition5 before installation.

Or Restart the PC go to BIOS and change the Boot Order to UEFI / Both mode. restart and retry.
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Booted with UEFI mode disabled.. still getting same error message..

is the 'convert mbr' command in diskpart appropriate here?  
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Please re-read my last post first.
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
is the 'convert mbr' command in diskpart appropriate here?  
Probably it can fix this but you can loose the Recovery partition on your Hard Disk.

I can also see a recovery partition on your Hard Disk so I suggest to try this link:
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
ran the convert MBR command - now seeing command line screen with 'No boot device available
SATA 0: Installed
SATA 1: Installed
Strike the F1 key to retry to boot, F2 to run the setup utility

attempted F1 key several times, no avail.
set up utility, tried secure and non-secure boot up..

pls advise?  thx
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
Ramin, i performed the Format partition 5 Disk 0.. no option for BOT UEFI and legacy.. thx
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
folks - i rechecked the legacy settings again.. rebooted and it is loading Windows 10.  Thanks for all the handholding.. final question - since i loaded W 10 in legacy mode, is it advisable to create a recovery disk this time and convert back to UEFI mode?  i understand it can be more secure and facilitate faster startup?  
if so, directions would be helpful..  

Don't rely on recovery disks. Use an external USB drive together with windows' built-in image backup - that is true bare metal desaster recovery.
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
McKnife, thanks.. creating an external USB recovery disk now (lesson learned).  i presume you mean recovery disks in this context to be a mirror drive on the HDD?  

any thoughts on whether it's worth going back to UEFI from this legacy reinstall?
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
First create an Image Backup on external HD before try to apply UEFI mode.
" i presume you mean recovery disks in this context to be a mirror drive on the HDD?  " - I am not talking about recovery disks at all. Connect an external USB hard drive with ample space. start windows backup (start menu, type: backup) and look for the "windows 7" style backup options (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Backup and Restore (Windows 7)). There, use "create a system image".
That system image can be restored from bare metal 8=unbootable systems) by simply starting from a usb setup like you did today. the restore options are easily found behind "repair my computer" at the setup start screen.

"any thoughts on whether it's worth going back to UEFI from this legacy reinstall?" - UEFI holds some options that you can profit from, but I am tempted to say "don't risk it unless you are an expert" because the benefit is small.
cnfidelisAuthor Commented:
McKnife and Ramin, i appreciate your interaction and assistance.. learned more about the new Win10 OS that i cared to for the last day and a half..

McKnife, i'll get a USB drive and mirror the entire system.
"McKnife, i'll get a USB drive and mirror the entire system." - yes, create an image. That is an absolute must-have for anyone.
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Thanks,  I'm glad we could help
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