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vSphere licensing behavior on newer CPUs when core count is exceeded


Anyone know how vSphere 6.x handles installation/operation if it is installed on a system that exceeds the license core count in the cpu?  The Essentials license has a max of 6(?) cores it is approved for.  It is pretty common to see 8+ cores.

I'm hoping it just ignores them rather than failing to install.


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vsphere is licensed by CPU socket not by cores. With Essentials you get 6 CPUs meaning you can have 3 servers with 2 processors.

from vmware:
The vSphere Essentials Kit licenses are perpetual and does not expire. It includes 6 CPU licenses of vSphere Essentials (for 3 servers with up to 2 processors each) and 1 license for vCenter Server Essentials
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Oh my lord.  That changes everything.  I only populated the first slot of a dual CPU motherboard some time ago to avoid going over the limit.  I can now add the cpu/memory to that unused socket and not have to upgrade to a new system.  Sweet!

Thanks very much!

And performance is far better on a dual processor system!