Phone system KX -TA824 and the phones are KX-T7736

Hi, I had a new phone system installed and when I lift the handrest line 2 picks up and not line 1. I need CO1 to pickup by default since thats the line has unlimited calls rather then the 2nd line has pay per call. Can anyone help how to program the phone from picking up line 2 and pick up line 1.
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"Alternately, on the phone system, switch the Line 1 pair with your line 2 pair .. (Move the cable in port 1 to port 2, and port 2 to port 1)"

Page 49 of Installation Manual
Just swap tel line 1 and tel line 2.
Jackie ManCommented:
"I had a new phone system installed"

Are you having a new Panasonic phone system?

If yes, you need to ask your service provider which did the installation to help you.


You need to have:- (i) the access to the software for the phone system (it is pretty expensive and not available to download via the Internet); (ii) the credential (user name and password) to access the console of the phone system via the software.

Normally, you need a service provider to do the installation and you need to sort out any problems before paying the installation fee.
kenfcampConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This would be programmed in the phone system, not the phone.
Do you have the software, or the manual programming instructions?

Alternately, on the phone system, switch the Line 1 pair with your line 2 pair .. (Move the cable in port 1 to port 2, and port 2 to port 1)
AquaJ9Author Commented:
Too late on paying the provider after all the issues is resolved. The payment is done and i still have some issues.

Anyways, thats what i did on the phone system. I swapped the cables from the image shown above which is working like its supose to but the light goes on the 2nd line even htough i am picking up line 1.

The service provider agreed to come on site to fix the little issues. thank you everyone.
I'm glad your provider is working with you on this.

This is because the system was programmed to use line 2 for the captured line when you lift the receiver
This can be changed to any line, or even "no line" at all

Your options should have been gone over with you when your system was being programmed

best of luck :)

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