Configure Putty & Xming

Dear Experts,
I have spent so much time trying X11 forwarding but still no success. Can you help me with it?

I have the sudo privilege and my system is Ubuntu 17.10. I try the instruction like
But not work. here is my error

hsu@hcavfb11:~$ xclock
Error: Can't open display:

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IN putty, you need to enable ssh, tunnel, X11 point it to localhost:a.b
Where a.b is the reference displayed when hovering over xming, commonly 0.0
Once you complete these,
Establishing a connection, running Echo $DISPLAY WILL CONFIRM THE MAPPING.
NOTE THE LOCALHOST:10.0 on the Linux side is the opening of the tunnel back through the x11tunnel to loca
Localhost on the Linux refers to itself, localhost on the X11 refers to the workstation from which the connection is initiated.
rmtogetherAuthor Commented:
Hi I

I try localhost:0.0 and localhost:10.0 both of them still not work. and When I do echo  $DISPLAY. There is nothing return.

hsu@hcavfb11:~$ echo  $DISPLAY

hsu@hcavfb11:~$ xclock
Error: Can't open display:

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You did not enable X11 in putty.

Ssh, X11 enable X11 forwarding, add the entry
Save season,  make sure the next time you connect the option is set.
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rmtogetherAuthor Commented:
Hi, arnold

I did enable x11 forwarding Snap2.png
Maybe the sshd server is not set to allow X11 forwarding.  It also needs to be enabled before clients can display X11.
Peter SchultzSenior Network AdministratorCommented:
On your server, make sure /etc/ssh/sshd_config contains:

X11Forwarding yes
X11DisplayOffset 10

You may need to SIGHUP sshd so it picks up these changes.
cat /var/run/ | xargs kill -1

don't forget to install xauth on your server

That should fix it.

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then as serialband and Ptere pointed out, confirm that your sshd_config allows X11 forwarding.
rmtogetherAuthor Commented:
thank you for the help!!
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