SBS 2011 Firewall rule not working

Having trouble with workstations running a new software program that uses a SQL DB on an SBS 2011 server (Medtech32 Medical Software.)
Disabling the Server's Firewall allows it to run on the workstations.  I've added the Firewall rules to the Server as stated by Medtech but it still doesn't connect.  Any ideas?
The ports as per their docs are:
TCP Port 3050  on internal LAN/WAN
UDP Port 300 on internal LAN/WAN

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Fred has brought up an excellent point. However you also may want to check for logs of dropped packets. Sometimes there are required ports that aren't documented the way that they should be.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Do the rules include the network TYPE as in Public, Private, Doman?
Are the rules Enabled?
Why do the rules include the WAN if the workstations are on the same subnet?  Or, are they?
Ace-ITAuthor Commented:
Sorry,  I should have included more information.  Rules are on Public, Private and Domain (although only need to be on Domain.)
I pasted the Port requirement from the Medtech Support docs so WAN can be ignored as they're on LAN.
I'll check the Logs which I didn't think of.
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Try opening port TCP 8080. You might also look at opening ports 7080 and 5099.
Ace-ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks masnrock,
I enabled the firewall logs and saw that the Medtech documentation (also, their support staff) missed an addition port (3051) that was needed.
All good now.

Ace-ITAuthor Commented:
Firewall logs showed the issue.
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