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Multiprocessing in Python programming

Good day, I am newbie in python programming. Can get some information on treading (multi processing). I am doing project with raspberry pi 3 to monitor the following sensor: -
1. temperature
3. CO
At same time using 3g USB dongle to push data to cloud. My critical issue is 3g USB dongle, need to monitor that everytime.
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You don't need to deal with threads or multiprocessing for such a simple data acquisition project.  
And the Raspberry Pi and Python would be the wrong tools to use if you did need such performance.

You can write a simple program to interrogate your three sensors sequentially and log the data at kHz rates.
You can probably do the data transfer to the cloud several times a second as well, although this is certainly overkill.

On the plus side, Raspberry Pi and Python are simple tools for simple jobs, and that is exactly what you have here.
Rama TitoProgrammer


Thank you, I did on sequential method and its working well. I just wanted to explore more on mutli tasking. Just want to now how reliable  this devices. Can i get more some links which easy to understand.
Pretty straightforward.