How to create a XML document with namespaces using XmlSerializer class ? C#

I have a XSD Schema and I have created C# classes. When  I tried to create an XML document using XmlSerializer class, the classes are created in such a way that  instead of namespaces in XML document, the namespaces are added as attributes.

I want to create like this

<decsub:saudiEDI xmlns:decsub="" xmlns:cm="" xmlns:deccm=""
xmlns:deckey="" xmlns:sau="" xmlns:xsi=""
xsi:schemaLocation="" sau:docType="Text" sau:id="A0" sau:msgType="Text" decsub:docType="DEC" decsub:id="A0" decsub:msgType="H2HDECSUB">
            <sau:payload xsi:type="decsub:declarationSubInfoType">
                        <decsub:regPort cm:type="0">Str</decsub:regPort>

And it comes like this

<saudiEDI xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" d1p1:docType="DEC" d1p1:id="AN20090107120342" d1p1:msgType="H2HDECSUB" xmlns:d1p1="" xmlns="">
    <d1p1:payload xsi:type="declarationSubInfoType">
        <regPort d5p1:type="4" xmlns:d5p1="" />
Niyas MaraicarAsked:
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Flabio GatesCommented:
Would you care to share what code you have so far?
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Please post concise and complete examples. And embed code into [code][/code] tags (the  CODE button).

When posting questions about XML, it is good style to post complete, well-formed and valid XML. Yours are invalid. E.g. xsi:schemaLocation is wrongly declared in both snippets. Also post the XSD for such questions (e.g. as attachment).

When the used sample is considered not for public, then craft a sample showing your behavior. Benefit: You'll learn a lot about XML and coding.

And last but not least: As it involves .NET, also post a concise and complete sample of your XML creation.
Niyas MaraicarAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mr.Gates and Mr.ste5an.

PFA xml document and the class created by xsd.

And here is my code to create the XML document.

           //initializing obj with values
 objSaudiEdiDecSubType.docType = "string";

          XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(saudiediDecSubType));
            serializer.Serialize(writer, objSaudiEdiDecSubType);

In samplexml.cs file

these are the attributes added to the class

[System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute("xsd", "4.6.1055.0")]
[System.Xml.Serialization.XmlRootAttribute("saudiEDI", Namespace="", IsNullable=false)]

but instead of this result

<decsub:saudiEDI .....>

the output is like this


Hope this helps to solve this problem..
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Niyas MaraicarAuthor Commented:
I just want to simplify my question.

I just want to create an XML document with namespaces using C#.

Suggest me how to achieve..

If I add the attributes,
before the classes,

the XML element contains attributes.
But I want the namespaces to be added to the XML element
Niyas MaraicarAuthor Commented:
I got the solution

I need to add the XMLSerializerNamespace.

 XmlSerializerNamespaces xmlNameSpace = new XmlSerializerNamespaces();
            xmlNameSpace.Add("decsub", "");
            xmlNameSpace.Add("cm", "");

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Niyas MaraicarAuthor Commented:
this is the solution to my problem
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