can no longer add users to distribution groups after migrating to Exchange 2013

I have migrated all of our Exchange 2010 mailboxes to Exchange 2013.  The old Exchange 2010 servers still exist as they have yet to be decommissioned but they have no mailboxes on them now.  

Ever since migrating the user mailboxes to the Exchange 2013 servers, users now get the following every time they try and add members to a distribution group:

Changes to the public group membership cannot be saved.  You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object

I have looked at the Exchange 2013 EAC and can see that the "Default Role Assignment Policy" is assigned to the user mailboxes and the "MyDistributionGroups" role is enabled.  The Outlook clients are a mixture of Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 and I get the same problem on both.
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carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
Changing the DL's to Universal Groups didn't fix the issue as no members of the DL were showing up in Outlook.  I have deleted and re-created the affected DL's in Exchange 2013 and that seems to have resolved the problem.
CESNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Check in Active Directory User and Computers. Open the properties of the group->Managedby tab-> Make sure the check box "Manager can update membership" is selected.
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
Hi yes the check box is ticked on all the distribution groups I've check so far.
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FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
1.  Is your DL a Universal DistributionGroup?  If not, change one to a Universal Distribution Group and retest

2. Try the below if #1 doesn't solve
i know this is an old thread but i managed to solve this by opening up Exchange 2010 management console clicking on the Toolbox.

Double clicking on the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) User Editor. This then opened up internet explorer i logged into this as administrator and created a new Role Group called it ManageDistributionLists Assigned the Role "Distribution Groups".

This then created a group in AD and i made the people who i wanted to manage Distribution lists a member of this group, Done the normal Managed By on the AD object and all worked fine.

ref link:
 From this link below contribution from- Dazz, try these instructions
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
Thanks Fox, my distribution groups are already universal groups.

I'm finding it a bit difficult to follow your instructions.  I'd like to know how to fix this in Exchange 2013 as I never had this problem when the mailboxes were on the Exchange 2010 servers.   I'm also finding it difficult to find a solution in the link you provided.  I've checked and I have a Global Catalog in the same domain as the distribution list; and the 'managed by' property in AD is set to the individual user rather than a group.
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
Apologies, I missed the fact that the groups where users are having a problem are actually security groups in AD and not distribution lists.  I have changed the groups to distribution lists and will let you know once the users have re-tested.  Thanks.
carbonbaseAuthor Commented:
Had to recreated the Distribution Lists.
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