Outlook 2016 Crashes When Creating New Profile

We are having a strange issue with Outlook 2016 on  Win10 domain joined computer.  The issue is when trying to create a new profile Outlook will crash when "searching for user.com setting".  It seems like its having an issue with autodiscovery but, I  can set that same user up on another machine with out an issue.  We also notice that when it crashes the our on-prem Exchange server shows to "Bad Password Counts" against it.  The users account has not been changed in several months and if we put outlook 2013 on the 10 machine it works fine.  I have a ticket with Microsoft but, they are not helping much, they are asking me to do the same stuff I have found online doing my own research.  I am just wondering if anybody else has seen this.  

When testing connectivity everything seems fine but the issue seems to be between the client and Exchange.  We have one Exchange server and its on prem we don't have any cloud based hosting for email.

Any help or other troubleshooting tips would be helpful.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
We are using Outlook 2016 on a Domain. Outlook changed recently. Try making the new Outlook Profile in Control Panel, Mail. Restart the computer first
USSCITSysAdminsAuthor Commented:
Same issue.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Try running the Autodiscover troubleshooter.
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FOXActive Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
In windows 10 launch outlook in safe mode

start>run ...type in    Outlook /safe    press enter    let me know if the profile loads successfully.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Do you...

1. Have a proxy server configured in Internet Explorer?
2. Enable Folder Redirection?

Source: https://support.microsoft.com/en-hk/help/3119083/outlook-2016-crashes-when-creating-a-new-profile

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USSCITSysAdminsAuthor Commented:
Yes, we have a proxy server and we also use folder redirection.

I added the "ProxysettingsPerUser" and set it for 2 and I get the same issue, if I change it to 0 it will create the profile.  Is that normal?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
USSCITSysAdminsAuthor Commented:
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Security has been tightened up in Outlook 2016.
USSCITSysAdminsAuthor Commented:
Um ok, so moving forward we should add that to a GPO?  We are moving forward with Win 10 and 2016.  Now, why would it not happen on all 10 and 2016 machines just some users accounts?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
so moving forward we should add that to a GPO? Yes, if you need to use proxy server and folder redirection.

We are moving forward with Win 10 and 2016.  Now, why would it not happen on all 10 and 2016 machines just some users accounts?

It should not be related to user account unless you have done a migration of Exchange server or some users have upgraded to Outlook 2016 / Win 10 after setup of mail profile.

Anyway, if you want to find out why, you might need to employ a field engineer to do investigation.
USSCITSysAdminsAuthor Commented:
Per Microsoft

Hi Wade,

The ProxySettingsPerUser set on 0 will set all users have one set of proxy settings.

At some moment this was a known issue could have been fix thank to this registry key.

So to be straight with you at some moment Outlook had a bad functionality and was address thanks to this key.

I hope this help you,

Let me know what you want to know if there is something else I can help you.

Thank you,

So, the fix for us was to add that entry to the registry.  Not a fan of Outlook 2016 so far.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
If you have no further questions, please do a favour to close this question.

USSCITSysAdminsAuthor Commented:
Closed, not sure how to do that but either way thanks for the help.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Pick the one or multiple solutions you wish to accept and then close the question.
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Are you finding the fix on your own? Your suggested solution is from my comment below.

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