How to configure Magento 2 for a multi configuration prodcut

I am trying to build a sunglasses store in Magento 2. Here is the issue I am facing:

Lets call the sunglass model DUDE.

The DUDE can have: RED, BLUE and WHITE frames.
The DUDE can have: YELLOW, BLACK or BLUE lenses.

We are currently struggling to figure out how we can add the DUDE as a single product with 2 color configurations. We don't want to have 3 products named DUDE-RED, DUDE-BLUE, DUDE-WHITE.

Currently I am not able to figure out how to enter 1 product that has 2 color configurations.

Please help experts = )
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David FavorConnect With a Mentor Linux/LXD/WordPress/Hosting SavantCommented:
My guess is posting this question to the Magento forums along with which 2.x version you're running will have you an answer very quickly. is the link.
sqlagent007Author Commented:
It appears the problem here is that I need 2 swatches and I need the configured product to be displayed.

So if the user selects WHITE frames with BLUE lenses, I need that product to be shown.
sqlagent007Author Commented:
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