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I am new to setting up VLANs and trying to set up a VLAN on a SonicWall NSA3600 but having issues understanding what is required.

I have X8 as my WAN connection and X3 as my VLAN with a Virtual Interface X3: V11.

The X8 is in the WAN Untrusted zone and the X3 is in a trusted zone.

What I am trying to achieve is routing an external IP to X8 and then translate it down to VLAN11 and onto the PC which is going to be an OpenVPN server

I have drawn up a basic example layout to help understand,

1. The VLAN is
2. There is a PC with IP with a GW of
3. I have setup NAT and Access rules and the PC can access the internet

What does not work is for the external IP it does not translate down to the PC and gets lost on the SonicWall.

My Questions are:

Q: Does the X3 interface need an IP?
Q Does the X3 or X3: V11 interface need an IP different from the VLAN Subnet.

Julian HainesIT EngineerAsked:
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J SpoorTMECommented:
if it's IPsec / VPN Traffic, you will not be able to use the X8 IP for the NAT, but would require a different public IP.
J SpoorTMECommented:
what zone did you use for the X3:V11 ?

NAT policy should look like this:
source = any
translated source = original
destination = Publix IP Address
translated destination = private IP address (
service = required services
translated service = original
inbound interface = X8
outbound interface = any

Firewall rule should look like
source zone = WAN
destination zone = X3:V11 zone
source ip = any
destination IP = public Ip address
service = required services

if you are using X8 IP ad the public IP, and X8 has HTTP / HTTPS management enabled, you can't use those for your server, unless you change the SonicWall's management ports to smthn else
I'm assuming that you're having problems when trying to connect to the PC. What port(s) did you open up on the Sonicwall? Have you looked at the logs of what's getting blocked when attempting to connect to the OpenVPN server?
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