Issue with SCVMM 2016 - Add node to cluster


I am facing an issue on SCVMM 2016 (Windows Server 2016).
I have a VMM cluster which had 3 nodes.
After a power supply issue, one of the node was corrupted and I have to reinstall it. But when I try to add it again as a node of my VMM Cluster, I have an error : "25300 : you don't have administrator privileges on {VMM server}."
This error message appears on cluster validation step. But, when I try just a validation with VMM, it works.

I verified everything and try with several accounts (Domain Admin, SCVMM Admin...) and nothing seems to work. All accounts (VMM computer account also) are local administrators of every nodes.

Is someone has an idea ?
Thanks for your help.
jean paulAsked:
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jean paulConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

I finally successfully added the hyper-v host to the cluster as I wanted to do.

I tried a lot, lot of things, for weeks, but nothing worked till today.

So, I moved the SCVMM Server to an other machine, which would only host the SCVMM Server because the SCVMM Server was on one hyper-v host (yes this is how I should have done it from the beginning).
To do that I simply uninstalled the SCVMM Server from the host running SCVMM Server and installed it on an other machine (I only moved the SCVMM Server, not the SQL DB).
After doing that, I faced more issues, but by trying to solves thoses issues I tried to restart the SQL Service but Windows told me that he couldn't restart the service because of a logon failure(error 1069 the service did not start due to a logon failure).
The problem was that the account used to run the SQL Server was locked in active directory, and was continiously getting locked even after unblocking it. So I changed the account used to run the SQL Server to the "SVC_SCVMM" services account and the service started succesfully.
But still couldn't add the hyper-v host to the cluster. To makes it work I add to create a new user account in AD (copy the property of the old SQL account and HYPER-V to the new one) and, in the SCVMM console, I went in parameters, identification account and added the newly created account.
After that I disabled the old account in SCVMM (right click, disable) and it started to work.

Well, I can't really tell why it broke, or even what really resolved the issue, because I can't understand why the account would be continiously blocked in AD even after changing the password ... (the reason of the lock was bad password).

Hope it can help somebody else !
jean paulAuthor Commented:
Solution above.
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