New to flood insurance. Any advice?

I have a VRBO vacation home in Bethany Beach, DE, U.S.A. and I got a strongly worded letter directing me to acquire 'flood insurance,' for my apartment.

I am new to flood insurance. There are obvious solutions - the premiere companies. But, as is always the case. When you take the quick and easy choice, down a path to the dark side you will go.

They will buy insurance x, if I don't pay by January, and they explicitly said it would most likely cost more than if I didn't find something else. What is the best thing for me to do?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
That is not something we can really do here. You should find a good insurance broker (not insurance company). Ask the broker what is best for you and assuming you like it, go ahead. I work through insurance brokers because I want to ask the kind of question you are asking and get unbiased and useful answers.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
Apparently my HOA handles the flood insurance, and I had to give the right person access to my fundage.
Sorry for making this seem to be a total drama
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and I was happy to provide some help for this.
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