Excel 2016 Comparing two cells to populate a third cell

Good afternoon experts. I do not work with excel so I am in need of some assistance. I have attached a sample file that contains test data in sheet 1 and sheet 2. What I need to have happen is to compare the data in sheet one column a (Level1) against sheet 2 column a (Proj_ID) and if there is a match auto populate sheet 1 column b (proj_mgr_name) with the appropriate name in sheet 2 column b (PROJ_MGR_NAME).

So for example in sheet one the first record is 10230 in sheet 1. In sheet 2 record 10230 is assigned to proj_mgr_name Test777
I would need Test777 to auto populate in sheet 1 column b (Project Manager)

I have zero clue how to accomplish this. I hope this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
DJ PAsked:
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Shaun KlineLead Software EngineerCommented:
No spreadsheet but from the description, you are probably in need of the VLOOKUP function.
Put this formula into Column B for the first record on sheet 2:

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(Sheet2!A2,Sheet1!A:B,2,FALSE), "")

If that works, copy down.

To understand what this is doing:
The VLOOKUP uses the value in cell A2 on Sheet 2, looks up that value in Sheet 1 column A and returns the match from column B (designated as 2 in the function). If no match is found, an error occurs and the IFERROR function returns an empty string instead.

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DJ PAuthor Commented:
I pasted you suggestion per your instructions and all it did was remove Test1 record from cell B2.
DJ PAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I understand it now.
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