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meraki routing interfaces

Got hands on some meraki switches and they are new to me.  When creating an Interface on a switch ti enable layer 3, do i need to create a interface for every vlan that will be on that switch as will as an interface for ever switch too.

Example. i have 4 switches. 10 vlans.  do i need to create60 interfaces total?
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Director, SD-WAN Solutions
Think of an interface as the gateway IP for a subnet (usually a subnet matches a vlan). So for example so a /24 or
Vlan 2 (I like to make the number in the subnet match the vlan)
Anything in this subnet/vlan will use as the gateway. THIS is the interface somewhere. Only one switch has this interface. You configure another switch in the stack to take over in case of a failure.


Sorry for the delay as i had been out for several days with some personal matters. Thanks for the reply.