is a gaming computer a good choice for dual booting linux and windows

i'm a handicapped programmer.  i want to dual boot between Linux (not certain which one - Ubuntu/mint/something else) and windows (for games and dragon naturally speaking).  I currently think a gaming laptop is probably a safe way to go to get a good/fast machine.  I'm having trouble finding the right brand (I know that's very opinionated).  Currently I have:
Alienware 17” gaming laptop
asus stric scar
msi back gt62 vrdo      
Can you think of a couple others?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Dual booting is not a function of performance.  A netbook with an Atom processor can dual boot.  What you program makes a much greater difference.  Are you writing applications that get installed?  Web applications?  Games?  If you're writing games, then a Gaming computer would make more sense to me.  Keep in mind GAMING computers often have EXCELLENT graphics cards, CPUs and fast RAM and a fast (SSD/NVMe) hard drive.  Most applications don't need excellent graphics cards.  Watching video and everyday work will work fine for most tasks.  You may also have a greater chance using a "common" graphics card for the Linux system to recognize it.

If you need power, UNLESS you need graphics, I would look at powerful systems in general.  Intel i7 with 16 GB of RAM or more and at least an SSD based hard drive if not an NVMe based drive.  But again, it depends on what you're doing.  Web programming can do quite nicely on an i3 with 8 GB of RAM and a simple SSD (actually, ANY computer I use on a regular basis these days has an SSD as the main drive).

But the bigger question is why do you want to dual boot?  VIRTUALIZE!  Why limit yourself to one operating system or the other?  Again, if you're programming graphics, that would be a decent answer, but most things programmed don't need high end graphics in which case a VM is more than sufficient.  And you can use both at the same time.
Dual boot is not necessary in the era where you can use virtualbox or VMware to setup a Virtual machine, or several with any OS you need or have license to run.

Like Lee pointed, Gaming is just a categorization that ....
Identifying the need could prove more affordable without paying additional for the Name aliensware
Current and newer systems include project feature which might avail you the option of projecting the system screen onto e large screen tv...

Sounds, your requirement is a large screen, 17?
The games you are interested in use, have a minimum requirement you can use it as the baseline to match the spec of the system you are considering.
if you want to Multi-boot, i suggest you use Bootit-BM       
it offers up to 128 boot items

and you don't need very special hardware for it, as said above
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dwcroninAuthor Commented:
is terabyte unlimited a dual boot or a terabyte backup?
it has multiple options - one of them offering  up to 128 completely separated boot options - as you ask
you need the 3rd one Bootit-BM = Bare Metal
i often use it's partition work also - very reliable software
dwcroninAuthor Commented:
Can I use virtualbox t run Dragon Naturally Speaking on my Ubuntu machine?  I have a license for DNS.  How aboout a windows game?
Have not tried, you can pass the USB from the HOST to the guest.
If it can be installed on Ubuntu, the only thing you will need to pass the microphone from the host to the VM.

In a VM, the dragon naturally speaking will/could be handled by the host Windows system in a similar fashion as a keyboard or mouse of the host is passed to the VM.  Potentially getting down to tying the commands to ..

Unfortunately, I do not have a definitive answer to your question...

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