Outlook 2016 Missing from Notifications and Actions

We seem to have an issue with Outlook 2016.  We run Windows 10 x64 as our OS with Office 2016 Standard (x86).  The handful of machines that we deployed the fall creators update to so we can test it, we have noticed no longer receive desktop alerts for new incoming email in Outlook.  With that we've found that Outlook is missing from Notifications and Actions.  If we do a reinstall of Office 2016, it reappears and the issue is resolved.  We however, cannot do that for nearly 100 machines.  
I don't know if this will help shed any light on the issue, but we deployed office using the built-in customization wizard with some minor customization.  The only one i noticed that could be relevant is we opted to move the Office 2016 apps under a start folder called "Microsoft Office" so it matched the layout of our previously used Microsoft Office 2010 suite (simplifying things for our end users).  When we tested the reinstall we did a standard non-customized install, and have not had a chance to test with a reinstall of the customized package as of yet.  
If anyone could offer any suggestions or assistance that would be very helpful as i cannot find much relating to this in forums nor have i been able to find a way to resolve.  As of right now it is holding up our ability to deploy the fall creators update to our end users.
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Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
I'd would check GPO applied to these computers because there exist a fix how to enable App Notifications when this option is disabled by your organization.

This fix when there is a global setting:
ChimeNetHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Hello, we do not have any GPO's that would prevent this.  I am the person who creates and manages GPOs for our organization and i haven't added one that would prevent this.  It is also only occurring for machines that recently got the fall creators update, all others are working fine.  
I did check the Reg key you provided though and noticed that i have no "PushNotifications" under Current version (see screen shot attached).  Do you think i need to create that reg entry, expcept tailored to Outlook?
Hello ThereSystem AdministratorCommented:
Yes, if you don't see that registry entry, you have to create it.
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ChimeNetHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
i added this, but didnt have any affection/resolution.  should be it be done another way?  Do you know is there away to re-registery outlook so it appears in notifications and actions?
ChimeNetHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
anyone have any potential suggestions or input?  I've searched high and low and cant find a solution outside of a reinstall of the software, which inst really a feasible option on 100+ workstations just to get it to re-register Outlook in the notification center.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
You can try if running outlook /regserver repairs enough to get it working again.
ChimeNetHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Qlemo: that doesnt appear to be valid for Outlook 2016
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Correct, I've mixed that up with other options in the version table. There is no replacement with recent releases, so only repairing seems to be your choice.
ChimeNetHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
i tried a repair install, that didn't work.  Only a few re-install has worked, but again that isn't going to be feasible for 100+ computers.
ChimeNetHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
ultimately what i found was copying the outlook shortcut from a start menu that did not have a customized install and placing it in a the default location resolved the issue.  Not sure why, or why customizing it broke the notifications, but this worked.

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ChimeNetHelpdeskAuthor Commented:
none of the other responses resulted in resolving the issue.  What i ultimately found as a solution worked.  marking it as a best solution so others can view it if needed in the future.
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