Control the hours of mail flow to mobile devices

We all understand the "Addiction" to check our emails out of hours.

I have a client who has staff that are spending too much time checking emails to the point it is becoming a health and safety issue.  The staff are in high stress roles and need to disconnect and HR are concerned that the employees are adversely affecting their own health.  Exchange provides a myriad of ways to enable an employee to be always connected but I havent seen anything that helps an org control that in some way.

Do any versions of exchange (2010, 2013,2016) have a way for me to apply the following "Policy"

At 5:30pm Sync will cease until 7:30am for a group of mobile devices or users (or all mobile devices or users).

  •    Could it be as simple as disabling a service via Task Scheduler
  •    Is there a GP that can be engaged to control this
  •    Is there that much granularity in Exchange policies to do this (I cant find any)
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mbkitmgrAuthor Commented:
Found the answer myself after posting a few forums - RTFM 1st

For Moble devices (Tablets/Phones) create a powershell script scheduled to run at the required times with

Set-CASMailbox -Identity<SMTP Address of user> -ActiveSyncEnabled $false

Then at the time you need them to regain access

Set-CASMailbox -Identity<SMTP Address of user> -ActiveSyncEnabled $true

Ironically we were looking for the same thing :)
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