Registry keys for Outlook 2016 32 bit

Looking for the following registry keys for Outlook 2016 32 bit (we are on Windows 10 64 bit Enterprise version):

1.      “Mark grammar” and “Check grammar” setting:  I can find the keys in Outlook 2010 but not 2016 which is what I need.
2.      Options:  Mail: Editor Options: Advanced: Editing Options:  “Use smart cursoring”.  We want to uncheck this but cannot find the registry.
3.      Options:  Mail: Editor Options: Advanced: Editing Options:  “Cut, copy and paste” options.
4.      Options:  Automatic accept or decline:  “Automatic accept or decline”:  Automatically accept meeting requests and remove canceled meetings”.

Anyone know where the above are?

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You will be able to identify some simply by downloading the excelsheet. The sheet shows the policies and the registry keys. Those that you don't find that way can be idetified using procmon:
1 download procmon and start it
2 open the office program
3 click procmon's crosshair and move it to (for ex.) word to filterout changes in word
4 activate registry-activity-only filtering in procmon and have it show only registry writes
5 do the change in (f. ex.) word
6 see what procmon has recorded

It will show the registry keys it has changed.
Author never returned. Outlined solution is what I used successfully.
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