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Can we save Excel 2106 file as a DBF file?
Sanjay GandhiFounder, KenhalAsked:
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Ryan ChongCommented:
no, you can't. it's not supported.

DBF 3, DBF 4 .dbf
dBase III and IV. You can open these files formats in Excel, but you cannot save an Excel file to dBase format.

File formats that are supported in Excel

hence you got to find another way for such conversion but not direct method to do that from Excel.
Máté FarkasDatabase Developer and AdministratorCommented:
You can convert an Excel file into a DBase format with MS Access the following way:
1. Create an empty Access database
2. Link or Import Excel file into a new table
3. Right click on that new table and choose Export->dBase file
Sanjay GandhiFounder, KenhalAuthor Commented:
great, thanks.
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