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How I can consult this script for a CSV file?

I need to consult the following command to know the user logged for a group of 5000 computers in a csv file, I do not know how to join the import and the Foreach-Object. Can you help me?

The command work for 1 computer, I need consult for 5000 in a csv file.

$userlogged = Get-WmiObject -Class win32_computersystem -ComputerName "nameofcomputer" | select username

 $arr = $userlogged -split "\\"

 $user= $arr[1] -replace "}",""

 Get-ADUser $user -Properties * | select samaccountname, Name, description, office 

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Jose Colmenares
Jose Colmenares
1 Solution
This assumes that your csv contains a column "ComputerName" in which the names are listed.
Import-Csv -Path C:\Temp\computers.csv |
	ForEach-Object {
		$ComputerName = $_.ComputerName
		Write-Host "Processing $($ComputerName)"
		$(Try {
			$ConsoleUser = (Get-WmiObject -Query 'Select UserName From Win32_ComputerSystem' -ComputerName $ComputerName -ErrorAction Stop).Username
			If (-not $ConsoleUser) {Throw "No console user logged on!"}
			Get-ADUser -Identity $ConsoleUser.Split('\')[1] -Properties Description, Office -ErrorAction Stop | Select-Object -Property *
		} Catch {
			$_ | Select-Object -Property @{n='Error'; e={$_.Exception.Message}}
		}) | Select-Object @{n='ComputerName'; e={$ComputerName}}, SamAccountName, Name, Description, Office, Error
	} | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path 'C:\Temp\Results.csv'

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And do AD and your network a favor and don't query AD for all user properties, when all you really need (besides the default set returned by the cmdlet) is 'Description' and 'Office'. It may be a bit more typing for you, but it is a lot less stress on AD.
Jose ColmenaresAuthor Commented:
You're the best. You solved and contributions more than my question and understanding. Thank you.
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