PHP ReactJS/Axios Ajax POST to codeigniter problem

On the codeigniter side the post data isn't being received.  PHP is however receiving it.

Here is the ajax call
    var postData = {
        'partNumber' : '45367'
    }'http://localhost/stuff/index.php/admin/reactTestaroo', postData)
        .then(response => renderTheTestData(

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Here is what is in my PHP/CI controller:
    function reactTestaroo(){
        $entityBody = file_get_contents('php://input'); // just as a test I used this and it returns "{'partNumber':'45367'}" which seems to indicate it's being passed fine
        $pastNumber = $this->input->post('partNumber'); // returns NULL, this is the problem.. it should show the part number value.  

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I can use jQuery ajax all day long and it works fine like this:
        url: 'http://localhost/stuff/index.php/admin/reactTestaroo',
        data: postData,
        type: 'POST',
        success: function(response) {
        var parsedJSON = $.parseJSON(response);
        error: function(response){

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With jQuery it works every time but I want to ditch jQuery and use react and a ajax plugin like axios but clearly I'm having an issue with it.  Can someone help me get the ajax via axios working?
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Julian HansenCommented:
I don't understand this part
On the codeigniter side the post data isn't being received.  PHP is however receiving it.
What is the difference between CI and PHP?
tf2012Author Commented:
Using $entityBody = file_get_contents('php://input');  I can see that the values are being passed to PHP, however using $this->input->post I get null.  When I use jQuery, the value shows up in $this->input->post just fine.  I hope that helps
Julian HansenCommented:
file_get_contents('php://input') gets the raw post data - which is not always accessible through POST

For instance if the data posted to the service is JSON it won't be accessible by post - you have to use file_get_contents('php://input'); and then decode the JSON

$raw = file_get_contents('php://input');
$data = json_decode($raw);

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tf2012Author Commented:
ok thanks, any idea how to force it to use post?  I don't necessarily need to submit it as JSON it could be a form submission format.. I'll play with that idea and maybe you have some thoughts about that.  Otherwise I'll have to use your suggestion of parsing it out of php://input
Julian HansenCommented:
If you have a look at the axios source it is intelligent enough to determine what type of data you are trying to send.

If you send postData as an Object it will post it as JSON
If you send it as a urlString (like the one that jQuery.serialize() will create from your form variables) then it posts it.

This sample script demonstrates the concept
	<h2>Results sending object</h2>
	<pre id="result"></pre>
	<h2>Results sending url string</h2>
	<pre id="result2"></pre>

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Axios Code
var postData = {
  name: 'Bruce Wayne',
  symbol: 'Bat',
  car: 'Awesome'
}'reflect.php',postData).then(function(resp) {
	document.getElementById('result').innerHTML =;
var urlData = "name=Clarke Kent&symbol=S&car=Doesn't Kneed One";'reflect.php',urlData).then(function(resp) {
	document.getElementById('result2').innerHTML =;


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Working sample here
Note that on the sample page the second Result pane shows the variables as POST variables.

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tf2012Author Commented:
thank you!
Julian HansenCommented:
You are welcome.
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