ITIL - Is a new server a Project, Change Request, or Service Request?

My team is experimenting with a service desk solution called Service Now Express for managing incidents, problems, change requests, service requests, knowledge bases, assets, etc.....
One thing we do not seem to understand, or at least agree on, is whether deploying a new Virtual Server in the environment is a change request, or a service request, etc.
Does it vary? Is this something the ITIL gods have already deliberated over and decided on?
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Ryan ChongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
my own interpretation is as follows:

new request = new initiative, consider it as a totally new feature/ functionality or a system to be added into the existing systems architecture. like to integrate a new HR system into company systems

change request = new feature or functionality to be added/remove/updated into existing systems/resources. like to enhance the existing HR system to allow users to apply leaves at home.

service request = shouldn't it be a request to an existing service that available in a system? like a business user is requesting to reset his system password.

for your question:

is whether deploying a new Virtual Server in the environment is a change request, or a service request, etc.

I would consider it as a New Request or Change Request (if "New Request" is not an option)
James BunchConnect With a Mentor Systems AnalystCommented:
Depends on the application really. If it is a manner to change things for improved performance and system stability then I would consider this as a service request. If this is for hosting particular applications/network shared resources then it is a change request. It is a very opinionated topic indeed and typically would be more geared to the origination of the request.

Typically end user level would be, in my opinion, change request as its for their benefit. If coming from a infrastructure stand point service.

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