Exchange 2010 Transport Rule Subject Search String in EMC

Trying to figure out how to get my transport rules to work on subject search strings correctly.  Here is an example.

Current subject filter search string:

Thank you for your case! Case#

Because I'm trying to filter and redirect the following subject emails:

Thank you for your case! Case#:233321 - Blahblahblah

However I also catch

RE: Thank you for your case! Case#:233321 - Blahblahblah
FW: Thank you for your case! Case#:233321 - Blahblahblah

I tried figuring this out but the transport rule is so important, any interruption was cause an armed insurrection.
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How about this one? Would that work?
Jose Gabriel Ortega CEE Solution Guide - CEO Faru Bonon ITCommented:
I already worked with this kind of attacks so This would be my query just fix the start and end time.

$Subject = "Thank you for your case! Case"
Get-MessageTrackingLog -Server Mail -Start "07/01/2016 00:00:00" -End "07/25/2016 23:59:59" -MessageSubject  "$Subject"  | where{ $_.Directionality  -eq "Incoming" -and $_.OriginalClientIp -ne ""} | select ComputerName,Timestamp,ClientIp,ClientHostname,ServerIp,Sender,Directionality,OriginalClientIp |  foreach{ $temp = New-Object PSObject -property @{ OriginalClientIp = $_.OriginalClientIp};  $exported+=$temp}

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You will get all the information in the $exported var, from there you can do whatever ( | convertto-json file.json)  (export-csv -notypeinformation here.csv), ( |convertto-html file.html) etc.

$exported |export-csv -notypeinformation here.csv

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OasisEEAuthor Commented:
Jose, thank you for answering so quickly.  However this is not a message search.  I am trying to edit a Transport Rule and regular expressions are kinda kickin my ass trying to figure it out.
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Have you tried using server-side mailbox rule for that?
Check options available in New-InboxRule.
Unless you want this to be addressed PRIOR message hitting the mailbox.
OasisEEAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately it has to be PRIOR to hitting the mailbox.  Trust me, i would of loved to use simple server-side mailbox rules.
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