Excel Pivot table add two distinct count columns

I have  Excel 2013  pivot table. In this table I have several columns,  two columns have distinct count value.
I am wondering is it possible to add those two  columns and get third column with sum of those two?
Just to add I can not see calculated filed option in PivotTableToos->Analyze->Fields, Items, & Sets it is dimed.
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calculated field or column cannot be added on the pivot table where it is loaded with option of "Data Model"

and you cannot have unique count if you do not enable data model.

so the solution is that on the source data you add a helped column with formula  and then load it, in pivot table
abbas abdullaCommented:
If you used power pivot to produce that then you can write a measure in the model then use it in the pivot. Share sample of your data if you look for such solution.
TarasAuthor Commented:
Thank you both a lot
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