NSA240 unregistered, what can i not do?

i Have an unregistered NSA240.

Setting up two LANs both trusted but cannot route between them also on second LAN, management not allowed.

Is this do to the device not being registered?

Cannot remember having this problem before.
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi Pollster,

To answer your question,
NSA240 unregistered, what can i not do?
If you don't register your appliance you cannot gain access to paid subscriptions, licensing, security services & SonicOS updates such as:
  • Content filtering
  • Gateway Anti-Virus
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • GEO-IP/Botnet filtering
  • SonicOS firmware

Although, I have seen older SonicWALLs not function properly due to not being registered, in present day (with new devices), it is only intended to affect what I mentioned above. It makes the most sense to register all your devices because you should be paying for the Security Services to protect your network from the latest threats and OS security updates, bug fixes, and added functionality.

You should really consider upgrading this unit as it is EOL (End of Life) & no longer supported as of 4/29/2017.

Try rebooting to attempt to get things working.
James BunchSystems AnalystCommented:
The device registration is typically only for trying to keep the content of the devices up to date. This is things like Firmware, managed settings, support etc. The VPN between them should still work. Be weary of those devices like Dell that use "Dell Global VPN" if you are trying to go to Host-Site.
pollsterAuthor Commented:
Yes, Installed many of these and this is the 1st time I have seen this happen.

Waiting on Sonicwall to register the device and see if that changes anything.

Rules state should route traffice between trusted LAN Zones, but doesn't work.

Management allowed on all Trusted LAN interfaces, but notifies me will be disabled.
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pollsterAuthor Commented:
I switched to a registered unit and non registered FW:
1) Routing between networks doesn't work
2) Programming from any other trusted LAN interface is blocked.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Can you clarify, are you using a registered firewall now or not?

Can you upload a screenshot of the "blocked" issues.

Have you rebooted?
pollsterAuthor Commented:
Yes, i switched to a registered NSA240 and was able to Program from any interface that has it allowed and can route thru trusted LAN to LAN and LAN to DMZ.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
OK, so registering fixed the issue. This is what I said in my previous comment I found with older models it seemed to be a hard-line requirement regardless of licensing purchased. Currently, today it is only isolated to licensing and SonicOS updates.

So your issues are all resolved, correct?
pollsterAuthor Commented:
Yes, THX
I have a Dozen or so of these installed.
J SpoorTMECommented:
a number of SonicWall out of the box in "vanilla" mode, that is before registered, come with  a 5 node limitation.
it will say this usually under system status in the license section.
once registered it turns into an unlimited node box.

you might be running into this
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