don't won't report to open if message box appears saying no data for report

I started a new job 3 weeks ago and I was given a problem of removing #error when no data is available . I solved this by using "On No Data " event to use a message box to inform the user but now after clicking "OK" it says run time error "2501" " The OpenReport event was canceled do I need a " and if " or some such thing ?
Kirk saintSoftware Designer(Trainee)Asked:
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
In the code that calls the report you must add an error handler and check for error 2501.  If it’s encountered then you just ignore it.

Kirk saintSoftware Designer(Trainee)Author Commented:
yes tried that but it keeps going to a separate open event in another part of the code
Kirk saintSoftware Designer(Trainee)Author Commented:
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
In your Command4 procedure:

At the  start of the procedure:

  On Error Goto Error_Procedure

at the bottom,  add this:


     Exit Sub

    If err.number <>2501 then
        Msgbox  err.number & " - " & err.description
   End If

   Resume Exit_Procedure

 So if you get an error in procedure other than 2501, you'll get a message box.   If you get 2501 because the report open was canceled (due to no data), it will be ignored.

  I would have marked up the code itself, but you posted it as an image.   In the future, when posting code, copy/paste it right in to the comment and use the "code" option so it's formatted.   That will make it easier for you and everyone else in working with it.

Kirk saintSoftware Designer(Trainee)Author Commented:
well thanks but it does appear that there are more problem then what I stated above . like it will return some results for the time period but when I go into design view then into preview layout it adds more results that where not in the first . so getting the correct results is my first problem .
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