Norton AntiVirus delete problem

Hi, I have been trying to delete Norton for about three hours and can't do it.  Windows 10 won't do it nor Revo Uninstaller.  The computer locks up when the Norton window shows up and says to wait for it to uninstall.  After about ten minutes I finally hit the button which turns the computer off and then I turn it back on.

Any ideas on how I can get rid of it?
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Dr. KlahnConnect With a Mentor Principal Software EngineerCommented:
I sympathize with your situation.  I have not yet seen a system that operates correctly with Norton / Symantec installed.

Unfortunately, in my experience Norton is impossible to remove from a system once it has been installed.  It can't even be removed using the official Norton "I'm sorry, customer, there is no such tool" Norton Removal Tool.  Something is always left behind -- a lot of "something" -- and it interferes with both proper operation of the system and installing any other antivirus.

The only real option, imo, is to roll back the system using:

a) A Restore Point created before Norton was installed
b) A full image backup created before Norton was installed

If neither of those options are available, then back up your data files and reinstall Windows.
you can still try  this :
-   >>  After about ten minutes I finally hit the button which turns the computer off and then I turn it back on  <<    wait at least 1/2 hour
-    reinstall Norton first -  then remove it
-     use regseeker to remove all registry items containing Norton, or any Norton associated names ( it gives the option to delete ALL these in one go

then delete all files from Norton folders

do you want to reinstall Norton, or another AV ?
camtzAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I don't have the disk, it was installed by a computer repair outfit.  I guess I'll have to live with it because I would have to reinstall a bunch of programs if I did a system restore going back that far. Thanks
what disk are you talking about?
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