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I use Trend Micro officescan ver 11 . I set up a scheduled job for log maintenance which deletes an old firewall record. The job is finished. the log size remains unchanged. I don't ideal how to check this job status.
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Best means to check the job set is to retrieve the log, though it can be manual but more assure. Otherwise based on schedule job, you can view the log after the event scheduled has passed. It is best to try out in test client (that is managed by the server) if in doubt due to the deletion of the log  

First is to try to retrieve the or view the log (Firewall log).
Logs > Agents > Security Risks or Agents > Agent Management
Click Logs > Firewall Logs or View Logs > Firewall Logs.
To ensure that the most up-to-date logs are available to you, click Notify Agents.
Allow some time for agents to send firewall logs before proceeding to the next step.
To save logs to a comma-separated value (CSV) file, click Export to CSV. Open the file or save it to a specific location.

Thereafter, you can try the manual delete instead
Logs > Agents > Security Risks, or Agents > Agent Management. click Logs > Delete Logs.
Select the log types to delete. in this case, Firewall logs.
Select whether to delete logs for all the selected log types or only logs older than a certain number of days. You opt for the former if you are authorised.
Click Delete.

Then try to retrieve back the Firewall log, as described earlier. See if it is effected.

Just a note, there is need to enable "Allow agents to send firewall logs to the OfficeScan server" under the firewall setting of Privileges. If you select this option, configure the log sending schedule in Agents > Global Agent Settings. Go to the Firewall Settings section. The schedule only applies to agents with the firewall log sending privilege. See the global firewall setting

Reference Admin guide (pdf) - link
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