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Hi, I was just looking for a question I posted here a couple of years ago regarding Outlook and discovered that there is no way to search by "words or phrases".  Is't that kind of weird?
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You can access them from Workspace Icon next to your Avatar picture.
 Then select my answered question, then click on view more.
 then you can write a keyword in the search box.

Pawan KumarDatabase Expert
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GO TO YOUR PROFILE -> Activity Section -> Click on Question ( yourquestions count) -> then you will get a list of questions you have asked.

Screen shot below-

Craig KehlerDirector of Customer Relations

Once you click the link Pawan mentioned above there is a search box that will allow you to search your questions. If you want to search a specific date range select Advanced Search and enter an Activity Timeframe.


Many thanks guys.  I was not looking in the right place.
RaminTechnical Advisor

You're welcome and I'm glad I could help.

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