Improving outlook performance with O365

We are migrating our mailboxes to O365 Exchange Online. We've notice that outlook responsiveness is slow. Not horrible but annoying. you can see the delay when moving to different emails and sending. I do realize that a lot has to do with internet connection (we currently have a 50Mbps line Up/Down) but are their any other tweaks that we can try?

Also, does the connection piggy back on any proxy settings we may have in IE?

Thank you.
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Michael LinkInfrastructure EngineerCommented:
I would firstly look at whether of not you are using outlook in cached or online mode - 9/10 this is something that is done to improve performance on machines connecting to Mail Servers not onsite!

I believe if all HTTP/S connections for Microsoft software will be governed by the Proxy configuration of IE.
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
I agree with Michael. We have many clients on 365 and "online" or non cached mode is not really feasible.
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msidnamAuthor Commented:
I did read up on the cached mode but one issue we have is that we use RDP servers for most of our users and we dont have enough hard drive space for cached mode. Some users email boxes are 2+ GB. One guy has a 40GB inbox. yikes!
Michael LinkInfrastructure EngineerCommented:
Hi Msidname,

Although it is supported by Microsoft at that size, this person should really be utilizing the 'Archive' functionality within Outlook because this is not a good size, for performance of use and indexing.

Please see  Microsoft recommendations for mailboxes

I think you should look at cached mode for the mailboxes, and turn it on user at a time if not a big environment, and get the big mailbox culprits to archive down to a manageable size before you move them over. You can pull mailbox sizes out pretty easy via Powershell and export it to a CSV file.

Just also be aware Microsoft do not support archive/PST files connected to a client via Network/mapped drives - but if they are not on a network drive, they aren't probably included in any backup.
In a RDS environment, we use group policy to lock down outloook to one month of cached email only. Then set all outlook profiles to cached.
In a 365 and RDS environment you have to make compromises. We have found this to be the best middle ground.

365 now has "online archiving". We use this as opposed to a local pst/archiving. It might suit you better?

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msidnamAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I will look at the RDS group policy.

We do have a lot of PST on network shares and I think its about time we've done away with them.
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