Access SQL Server from smartphone appli

We plan to begin coding (Delphi 10.x) application for smartphone, in a first stage, accessing the customer database, the smartphone being connected to the customer local network.
It seems I have two alternatives : Direct access or REST/HTTPS layer.
Is there some documentation explaining advantages and disavantages of both methods ?
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Sinisa VukCommented:
If you want to use REST - you need to build REST server connected to local database, need to build client app. So, disadvantages are: two apps, more time to build solution, ... but will work with remote/web REST api located anywhere....
Advantage of Direct access (using FireDAC)  - is that you need only client app connected to ex. MS Sql server. But your app will have native sql commands built-in and can be a subject of possible sql injection attack. Direct access will work faster....but it is mainly for local database access.

There are few more solutions too, as answered here...or reviewed here...
LeTayAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for these very clear explanations
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