Employee desktop viewer app - anyone?

Hi all!

I have a client that has been using an application which will display each of his employees screens all at once say 5 across by 3 down on sort of a console if you will.  The user doesn't know when/if they are being watched, other than a non-disclosure they signed etc.

The company we were using for this from nucleustechnologies.com/.   Sadly the app was good with the exception of a bug, and they have no ETA and are not responsive on a solution.  Does anyone out there know of a similar product?   They want the ability to view but without requiring the user to authorize it each time.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
here is a review of 3 top rated viewers http://www.t5a.com/best-employee-monitoring/
LICOMPGUYAuthor Commented:

This was a huge help - thank you so much!!
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