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I have a PDF that was created base upon a table in Word 2010.  After I turn on forms control and forms typer in Nuance Power PDF Advanced ver 1.2 I begin to enter in names. In the first column for names, when I add someone's name, as I move to the next cell in that column, if I begin to type someone else's name that has the same first letter as a previous entry in that column, a pick list will pop up to allow me to choose the name I typed in earlier. Is there a way to turn this pick list off?

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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEConnect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
Hi contrain,
Thank you for posting this — I was unaware of the issue. I confirmed that the same issue exists in my Power PDF Advanced v2.1, so upgrading from your Version 1.2 to v2.1 will not help for this issue.

I don't see any option in Power PDF Advanced to disable the pick-list/list-of-values (in neither GUI mode nor command line mode). *** Found it — see UPDATE below! ***

I have some good contacts in Nuance technical support and will reach out to them to see if there's a solution for you. It's interesting to note that when filling the form in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader (with default settings), the pick-list/list-of-values does not appear.

Will let you know as soon as I hear back from Nuance (if I do). Btw, the PDF you posted is not a fillable form. I created a test one myself, which is attached (Word>PPA2.1). Regards, Joe

UPDATE: I haven't heard back from the Nuance folks, but have been doing some poking around in Options and found it. My mistake is that I was looking for the setting in the field's Properties, but it turns out that it is in Options>Forms. When you do Options>Forms, you'll see this:

ppa auto-complete option
The feature is called Auto-Complete and it is On by default. Turn it Off and that will do it for you! Also, you can click the Edit Entries button, which brings up this:

ppa auto-complete list
Clicking the Remove All button will empty the list. Regards, Joe
contrainAuthor Commented:
Absolutely Perfect! The Expert solved my issue and not only gave me the answer to my problem, but showed me how to clear out any previous entries so I could start with a perfectly clean sheet.

Thank you so very much!!!
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're very welcome, contrain, I'm really glad that worked for you. Regards, Joe
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