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We are trying to upgrade everyone to office 365 from our current exchange.  I have migrated all the emails.  Now that I have to install office 365 on each individual machine I am wondering if there is way to deploy it via group policy.  We do have multiple different older versions of office installed on machines so maybe a script that will uninstall old version and install office 365 business premium

thanks for your help
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Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
There is many tutorial how to deploy Office 365 via GPO but my favorite and very accurate is this one.

Please fallow step by step and all installation should go smooth

There is slight problem if you have old Office installed because script is not uninstalling it so you'll end up with 2 Office versions but if this is not a problem (because you can deal with this later) then you can go for it

Second option that you can use is Office Deployment Tool from Microsoft.
This tool require prior Office Portal setup on Cloud, but if you can do it or you already have it then just download tool and run

The Office 2016 Deployment Tool allows the administrator to customize and manage Office 2016 Click-to-Run deployments. This tool will help adminstrators to manage installations sources, product/language combinations, and deployment configuration options for Office Click-to-Run.

Another option for you is: Setting Up a Simple Office 365 Deployment From a Network Share
For simple deployment scenarios it's fairly easy to just set up a file share on the network and automate the deployment from there using a script. In this article I'll break down the process and show you how it's done.

Here is manual how to do it:
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Best solution provided, no more other questions from author
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