EXCEL Conditions or VBA Codes for this?

Sample 1Please see image for a details, can I do that by codes or any simple conditions? Any help please Thanks.
Rowel VirgoVisual Studio .NETAsked:
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Fabrice LambertFabrice LambertCommented:

First you'll have to manipulate your data from another workbook or an Access database, because CSV format don't support formulas neither VBA.

Second, both solutions (formulas or VBA) are doable. Formulas are probably easyer (countif ou countifs).
Rowel VirgoVisual Studio .NETAuthor Commented:
Lets say this is a normal xlms excel... How can I use countif,? Can I have a samlle sir? This data is a sample it may change I need a fix code or formula so if data change any cell will be detected if those condition accurs...
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