Debugging Excel Workbook

I have been given a very large Excel workbook with complicated and nested worksheet functions. To debug this monster, I might be sitting here for the next week or longer.

Can anyone offer a strategy or some tools that would help me understand this workbook and how all these functions are connected?
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abbas abdullaCommented:

I recommend you to use inquire add on to analyze your workbook, it's available for excel 2013 onwards. Check this link

Hard to help without seeing the workbook, but generally I would either start from the inputs and work through, or easier, start with the outputs, be and work your way backwards.

Always easier to see what a cell depends on than where it goes to.

Use the auditing tools that are built in to help.

abbas abdullaCommented:
Make sure to work on copy of the original sheet so you don't loose any important data, it's highly recommended especially before running inquire add on.
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
You might try Aivosto Flow chart generator and Project Analyzer. It's not free but if your workbook isn't documented well, or at all, you might make a case with your boss for purchasing it.
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