ADINFO problems other suggestions?

I am using ADinfo to report on AD details. I based a number of licensing purchases on the adinfo information. I recently discovered for some unknown reason when running a report for enabled users ADinfo is also including disabled users which is obviously not good. I am terrible at powershell. Is there any other reliable products people are using? Please only suggest if you have used the tool! :  ) thanks
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Kevin StanushApplication DeveloperCommented:
Hyena can display any directory attribute.  The builtin 'Users (Detailed Office)' query has the job title.  You just have to right click on the 'Users' node and select it from the query list.  You can also customize any query or create your own; see our YouTube channel video for how to do this.

While ADInfo is probably not supported anymore, I doubt it has a bug like you described as it was a really popular program, so there might be an issue with security or reading the 'UserAccountControl' attribute with the account being used under your different situations.  Might help to see what ADUC is showing for the same account(s).
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
The only way you will improve with powershell is to read and write scripts. practice makes perfect
Kevin StanushApplication DeveloperCommented:
Try Hyena.  While its not free, its available for a fully functional 30-day trial.  Yes, its nearly 20 years old, which means it has 20 years of development and features.  Its not just an Active Directory query tool either.  You can modify directory information using standard property pages, or in bulk, and also easily import changes.  And you can also manage most aspects of computers too.
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Sid_FAuthor Commented:
The trial for AD fast reporter has some items locked so I would need to purchase to see if it fills the need plus it seems to be missing some fields like job title which are important.
Hyena feels clunky to use and also doesn't appear to have the job title field
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
I have since resolved my problems with adinfo. Its worth noting when running ADinfo directly on one of my servers it gives incorrect enabled users information for some unknown reason. When run on a client machine it provides the correct details. I couldn't test this when I previously posted it as I was connected remotely. Thanks for the suggestions.
Klavs RDeveloper, owner of AlbusBitCommented:
AD FastReporter has job title field. It can be found in the Organisation's field group by name "Title".
Job title fieldYour requested field - Account status (enabled/disabled) - not locked in Free version.

Good that you managed to solve this problem.
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